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Baffin 2020

In Spring 2020 I'll join forces with my friend Jerry Kobalenko, Canada’s premier arctic traveller. We’ll ski 700 km across the sea ice of Baffin Island, starting at the Innuit hamlet of Clyde River and ending up in the north at Pond Inlet. Baffin is part of Nunavut, Canada’s most northerly territory and lies way up between 70 and 75 degrees latitude.

The route has been skied before, but only by a handful of people. We’ll be lucky enough to ski past some of the largest cliffs in the world, which are perched right on the shore of arctic waters.

For this expedition I’ll be supported by Montane, Koolbox, Sub Zero and Marnaut watches.


lake baikal 2018

Alongside my friend Phil Sturgeon I completed a 630 km foot crossing of a frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia. Baikal is pretty amazing, as it’s the oldest, largest volume and deepest freshwater lake in the world. We took 19 days to cross the lake between March and April 2018, and you can have a peek at some of my trip photos published on The Great Outdoors Magazine website here.

For this expedition I was supported by Land Rover, Sigg, Sub Zero and Expedition Foods.

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Hardangervidda 2017 & 2019

Across two solo trips I skied over 200 km across the Hardangervidda plateau in Norway. This is the area in which the now infamous ‘heroes of telemark’ operation took place during WWII, and is a regular training ground for polar travellers.

I’ve used these trips to refine and test out my equipment and to develop my cold weather travel skillset. And I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way…

In 2019 I tested a range of equipment from Montane, Koolbox, Sub Zero and Marnaut watches.


Finnmarksvida 2016

In February 2016 I joined forces with four three other Brit’s to ski 120 km across the Finnmark plateau in Norway. We skied from Alta near the Norwegian coast to a settlement close to the border of Finland over six days.

Under the mentorship of polar guide Mike Thornewill I transferred my background in hillwalking, rock climbing and camping to the arctic environment. It was a blast and cemented my love of travelling in the arctic regions.