Five Arctic Adventure Films

Last year I started a weekly video series at ExplorersWeb called the ‘Weekend Warm-Up’. I’ve spent countless hours trawling the web to try and bring the best free videos to our readers. Here’s five excellent arctic adventure films from this series.

Into Twin Galaxies: A mixture of polar veterans and hot shot paddlers haul a kayak 1,000km across Greenland’s ice sheet, with the hope of kayaking along an undiscovered river that they spotted in satellite images. To watch the full movie you need to click here.

A Line in the Snow: For 150 years, Greenland’s ice sheet has drawn polar travellers from across the globe. In modern times, climbers and skiers have also come for the untouched walls and ski descents. This neat film tells the story of four Brits’ search for virgin ski lines in East Greenland. 

Eclipse: In 2015, a Canadian photographer traveled to the far northern Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard to capture skiers against a solar eclipse. The project was audacious, to say the least — the slightest problem with the weather, skiers, or equipment during the two-and-a-half-minute eclipse would result in failure.

Guilt Trip: A bunch of pro skiers take a trip out to the east coast of Greenland to claim a first ski descent of the islands second highest peak. They offset some of their carbon footprint guilt by taking along a scientist who’s scientific hypothesis flies in the face of the typical projections of global sea-level rise.

Baffin Babes: Ten years ago, four Scandinavian women in their twenties decided to ski across the frozen coastline and ice caps of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Tongue in cheek, they dubbed themselves the Baffin Babes.

Ash Routen