Five Great Climbing Films

Last year I started a weekly video series at ExplorersWeb called the ‘Weekend Warm-Up’. I’ve spent countless hours trawling the web to try and bring the best free videos to our readers. Here’s five excellent climbing films from this series.

Down To Nothing: There are more than a lifetime of smaller, remote and technically challenging peaks dotted around the globe that most people have never heard of. In this North Face film, a six man team head out to an obscure peak in Myanmar and are pushed to their limits trying to carve out a route up the mountain.

Force: Mikey Schaefer is known to most people as the guy who turned away from the camera in the award winning movie Free Solo. Schaefer is however much more than a film make, he’s a crack alpinist in his own right and has left a big legacy in the windswept mountains of Patagonia.

No Turning Back: Earlier this year Hansjorg Auer was killed on a climb in Canada. Auer was an outstanding alpinist who free soloed hard well before Alex Honnold came on the scene. This film depicts Auer’s early years, his growing passion for solo climbing as he gained confidence in his abilities and his recent move to the high ranges.

Lunag Ri: Austrian climber David Lama died alongside Auer earlier this year, and similar to his compatriot he was at the very pinnacle of his game. In this dramatic film Lama teams up with Anker to take on Lunag Ri (6,907 metres), an unclimbed peak on the border of Tibet and Nepal.

Baffin: The late Canadian climber Marc-André Leclerc was another young man who died at the top of his game. In 2016 alongside his partner, Brette Harrington, Leclerc headed out to a remote part of Baffin Island to climb the monster granite walls of the Stewart Valley.

Ash Routen