Ash Routen

I’m an internationally published outdoor and adventure writer and sometime arctic traveller.

My first real adventure started back in 1986 when I had an untimely entry into the world as a severely premature baby. Surviving quite literally by the skin of my teeth, I went on to spend most of my early adult life hiking, kayaking, camping, climbing and cycle touring. But it wasn’t until I had my first taste of arctic travel at age 30 that my long held dreams of going on expeditions began to take shape.

Since then I’ve solo trekked across classic polar training grounds in Norway and walked across the world’s largest frozen lake in Siberia. I’m ramping it up a little next spring, as I’m planning to trek 700 km along the frozen coastline of Baffin Island. My plans after that are under wraps for now…

After a decade of honing my writing skills as a published scientist, I penned my first outdoor article on the health benefits of walking in 2017. With a bit of hard work, this soon turned into a portfolio of over 200 published articles on adventure, exploration and expeditions.

My big break came when I started writing for ExplorersWeb in 2018, where I’m grateful to work with an excellent editor and have the opportunity to build a list of contacts that includes many of the worlds best adventurers (that’s no exaggeration either).

I now regularly write breaking news, features, product reviews and historical tales for national newspapers, and UK and US outdoor magazines.


Arctic Traveller

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Adventure Writer

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