Ash Routen

I freelance for outdoor and adventure magazines around the world, but my staple is writing weekly for ExplorersWeb - the leading source of adventure and exploration news. I’m also a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild UK.

As a writer I've been lucky enough to interview world-renowned adventurers such as Reinhold Messner, Nirmal Purja, Tom Livingstone, Eric Larsen and many more. But that’s all in my spare time - I earn my crust as a university scientist - and I hold a PhD in Exercise Science.


“I think you climb inside the minds of those you interview. You reached parts of me that I haven’t often shared” - Rosie Swale-Pope, record breaking adventurer

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“A riveting story and very well written” - UK reader

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“Ash’s in-depth knowledge of high altitude climbing and arctic travel and extensive network of contacts enable him to write excellent articles” - Rowan White, ExplorersWeb owner

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Looking for a writer to pen an action packed adventure tale, a how-to article, product review or news update?

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