My twelve most popular articles. You can read all 200+ here.


An interview with the most active American climber in the Himalayas

Rock and Ice Magazine - June 2019

A short feature that questions the safety of mountain ridge running

The Financial Times - July 2019

The tale of the longest unsupported Arctic expedition in history

Red Bull Adventure - March 2019

An interview with one of the greatest mountaineers in history

UK Climbing - October 2018

A breaking report on the first ascent of one of the Himalayas “last great challenges”

The Daily Telegraph - August 2018

A breaking report on the historic first ski descent of the world’s second highest mountain, K2

The Financial Times - July 2018

A short feature on a climber who left cryptocurrency on the top of Everest

Outside Magazine - May 2018

An epic tale of one of the most dramatic mountain rescues in recent times

UK Climbing - July 2019


A personal account of a solo arctic expedition in Norway

Adventure Magazine New Zealand - 2017

An interview with a veteran adventurer running 12,000 km across the world

ExplorersWeb - August 2019

A feature story of a British man who tried to crash land on Everest in the 1930’s

UK Climbing - August 2018


An interview with an adventurer planning to trek to the South Pole

Intrepid Magazine - 2018